It's all about having the right functions, or tools, at hand both when and where you need them. People-trust encompasses all the features you need, so that you need this system only to handle all of your tasks. Please look at our function list or at the video. In the video, you will see an example of how you can plan and call in for an interview within seconds, and how the system will correspondingly document the time and save your registration correctly within the system. The use of normal tools like Outlook and Word would take several minutes, so we thereby save you a significant amount of time each and every time you conduct this process. Furthermore, the system can handle automated notifications; for example, by sending the candidate an e-mail two days before the interview will take place, and a text message the day before. New functions are added to the system continuously, so you should find that the system already covers the majority of your tasks. Please feel free to send us a request for further information if you have any questions about our functions.

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Please look at our brochure. Here we will tell you a little more about some of the key functions and highlights of the system.

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