It's all about trust, so you can feel secure that your requirements and data are being handled professionally. The best guaranty we can provide you is to refer you to our former and current customers. Over the years, we have offered our services to thousands of users, and numerous candidates and companies. Our current customers vary from small enterprises with only a few consultants, to the largest companies in the business. We have achieved this not only by offering the best system, but also by offering a unique service package. This includes yearly revision by Deloitte, a very attractive support and service level agreement, and access to the best consultancy and development services in the market. We take great pride in being more than a supplier of IT systems. We join and participate in conferences worldwide in order to be a part of the employment and staffing industry globally, and thereby act as a knowledge bank and partner in the industry.

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Please look at our brochure. Here we tell you a little more about our clients and their feedback to the system and our service.

Some current and former clients

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